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Vanilla & Palo Santo Incense Sticks🧘🏽‍♀️

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These incense sticks smell absolutely beautiful. They offer a perfect sweet and euphoric mix of palo santo and vanilla. The internal stick itself is made from 100% pure palo santo wood as well. 

Each stick is hand made and hand rolled for you to enjoy.

Each incense stick is 8" in length.

Why I love these incense sticks:

🌱 Eco-Friendly

🌱 Made from sustainably sourced materials

🌱 Hand made and hand rolled

🌱 Organic

Benefits of burning incense:

⭐️ Deepens our attention

⭐️ Perfect aid for meditation/prayers/rituals

⭐️ Empowers our spiritual focus

⭐️ Calms the environment and your mind

⭐️ Helps you tap into your spiritual connections

⭐️ Cleanses the space from negativity

⭐️ Palo santo is also perfect for protection, and encouraging positive energy into a space

⭐️ Vanilla is extremely soothing and calming for the senses and helps with sleeviating depression 

How to use: Light the end (the end where the stick isn't visible) with a match or lighter. Blow out the flame and allow the smoke to wander in the air. Enjoy the scent and allow the smoke to cleanse the space/yourself.

⚠️ As this is a product that uses fire to ignite, make sure to always burn on a fire-safe dish and to never leave it unattended.⚠️