Terms of Service

Fairy Freckles uses natural, organic dried and fresh herbs as well as their natural compounds to help you better your everyday lives.

These products are in no way intended to be used as medications. For any serious bodily concerns, or if you are pregnant or have specific dietary restrictions in terms of herbs you can and cannot use, please seek medical advice before purchasing and using my products.

All of my products are made in a completely sterilized, clean environment. They are all handmade in the same area and some cross contamination between tea blends/herbs is possible as herbal tea blends are made. Hence, please be attentive of allergies that may occur.

Fairy Freckles is not responsible or liable for any allergies/reactions or injuries caused by the use or consumption of any of our products.

All products are made with safe, FDA approved ingredients. All the ingredients used are listed on our website under each product description as well as printed on each of the products purchased. Please verify ingredient list thoroughly before purchasing.

For any inquiries or comments you may have, click on the contact us page to let us know!