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Rue Cleansing Wand🌿

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 Rue is a powerful plant and herb for many different uses, smoke cleansing included. It's not as common in the modern day cleansing world, however, it has many appealing and advantages properties that sometimes tend to get overlooked.


⭐️ Great for enhancing mental empowerment

⭐️ Purifies a spaces, people and objects

⭐️ An amazing way to receive spiritual protection

⭐️ Used for creating a protective barrier around a space/person/home

⭐️ Wards off negative energies

⭐️ Helps to cleanse the body, mind and spirit

⭐️ Helps to banish and remove bad habits

Each stick is approximately 4" in length

How To Use: Burn an end of the stick with a match/lighter. Remove the flames and allow the smoke to cleanse you and your space.

* Smoke cleansing wands could be a fire hazard. Please never leave a burning smoke cleansing wand unattended and extinguish after each use.
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