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Lavender, Blue Sage And Yerba Santa Cleansing Wand🌿

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This trio of herbs is an amazing smoke cleansing bundle because you get to have the amazing power of three different plants combined into one easy to use, and beautifully wrapped cleansing wand.


⭐️ Yerba Santa has a highly protective energy

⭐️ Yerba Santa helps you find your inner strength

⭐️ Yerba Santa heals emotional wounds

⭐️ Yerba Santa increases psychic abilities

⭐️ Lavender promotes concentration and creativity

⭐️ Lavender helps to balance the chakras

⭐️ Lavender is great for promoting restful sleep

⭐️ Blue Sage helps remove an incredible amount of airborne bacteria

⭐️ Blue Sage is perfect for attracting abundance, prosperity and success

⭐️ Blue Sage is amazing for cleansing and purifying spaces, places, people and objects

⭐️ Blue Sage is a great alternative to using white sage

Each stick is approximately 4" in length

How To Use: Burn an end of the stick with a match/lighter. Remove the flames and allow the smoke to cleanse you and your space.

* Smoke cleansing wands could be a fire hazard. Please never leave a burning smoke cleansing wand unattended and extinguish after each use.
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