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Apatite is a great stone that has some of the best properties for spiritual healing and physical healing alike.🪨✨

Benefits of Apatite:

- Improves arthritis and joint problems

- Encourages the formation of new cells within the body

- Aids in the absorption of calcium

- Encourages healthy eating by helping raise the metabolism

- Clears away confusion and negativity

- Stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge and truth

- Enhances imagination, insight, creativity and learning abilities

- Creates a willingness to let go of people, objects and situations which no longer serve you

- Aids is restoring a clearer thought process

- Balances the yin-yang energies

- Enhances physic abilities

- Heals the heart of emotional illness

- Helps facilitate public speaking skills

Apatite and its associations:

Zodiac: Gemini

Planet: Mercury

Chakra: Throat Chakra

Color: Blues, yellows, greens