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White Sage And Bay Leaves Cleansing Wand🍃

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The combination of white sage and bay leaves together creates an amazing aroma and is an extra powerful cleansing tool.


⭐️ The combination of sage and bay leaves creates an extremely powerful shield against negativity

⭐️ Attracts wisdom and heightened intuition

⭐️ Amazing for money manifestations

⭐️ Great for relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety

⭐️ It makes a great mosquito and bug repellent

⭐️ Creates a calming state, great for meditations

⭐️ Relieves fatigue and helps with sleep as it provides a sedative aromatic effect

Each stick is approximately 4" in length

How To Use: Burn an end of the stick with a match/lighter. Remove the flames and allow the smoke to cleanse you and your space.

* Smoke cleansing wands could be a fire hazard. Please never leave a burning smoke cleansing wand unattended and extinguish after each use.