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The Ultimate Relaxation Tea Blend☁️

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The Ultimate Relaxation Tea Blend☁️

We all have some days where we need to relax and unwind more than others. Society has conditioned us to believe that always working/doign something is successful. However, when you go against your body natural need to rest, you're drawing yourself farther away from success than you ever could.

Listen to your body when it needs to relax and stay still. It isn't always easy to do, I admit.

That is why I have curated this 100% natural and organic tea blend with lavender and chamomile.🌱 Two plants known worldwide for their potent calming effects. This blend gives you a head start to help put your mind at ease and your body in a state of relaxing bliss.🧘🏽

The most successful thing you can do, is to listen to your body and take care of it which includes resting when it needs.🤍

Allow this tea blend to help.🫖

After all, it's not called the ultimate relaxation tea blend for nothing!👀


Matricaria camomilla (chamomile), Lavendula Angustifolia (lavender)

Did you know!? This tea blend can also be brewed with ice to create an iced tea!

Sugar and/or honey can also be added for taste as well, if preferred.

Comes in a reusable and resealable bag!♻️

4 size options available (see photos for reference): 5 grams / 6 pre-packaged box / 15 grams / 55 grams


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