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Moss Agate

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This beautifully coloured crystal is the perfect stone for those who experience strong aggression or overly nurturing emotions. It is perfect for balancing out energies and helping you remain cool calm and collected.😎


Benefits of Moss Agate:

- Encourages Tranquility

- Aids with emotional balance

- Helps to balance male and female energies

- Enhances strength, courage and mental function

- Helps you tap into deep-set creativity

- Helps bring a sense of focus or patience when needed 

- Helps when building new relationships and friendships

- Aids in stabilizing ones aura and cleaning the body

- Helps clear out negative energies 


Moss Agate and its associations:

Zodiac: Gemini, Aquarius, Virgo

Planet: Mercury

Chakra: Heart Chakra

Color: Leaf-like greens, whites and blues

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