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Desert Sage Cleansing Wand🌿

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Desert sage is a type of sage that can be used for smoke cleansing that doesn't have the same popularity as some of it's other sage varieties (white sage, blue sage). It is just as powerful and is just as amazing a plant to smoke cleanse with.


⭐️ Helps relieves headaches

⭐️ Great for removing negative energies in a space

⭐️ Promotes spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health

⭐️ Amazing for boosting inner strength

⭐️ Excellent for cleansing and purifying a space

⭐️ Can be used to bless people as well as surroundings

⭐️ Invokes pleasant thoughts and helps relieve anxiety

Each stick is approximately 4" in length

How To Use: Burn an end of the stick with a match/lighter. Remove the flames and allow the smoke to cleanse you and your space.

* Smoke cleansing wands could be a fire hazard. Please never leave a burning smoke cleansing wand unattended and extinguish after each use.
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