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Cold Symptoms Be Gone Tea Blends🤧

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Cold Symptoms Be Gone Tea Blend🤧

This powerful tea blend is handcrafted full of antimicrobial, immune boosting herbs that go right to work in helping you feel better.💪🏾

Cold and flu symptoms are no match for this perfectly curated blend of turmeric, ginger, sage, hibiscus parsley and peppermint.🌿

It will have you feeling like your healthiest self in no time!😁🙌🏾

This is the perfect blend to help you feel better and fend off illness during this cold winter season too!❄️


Curcuma longa (turmeric), zingiber officinale (ginger), salvia officinalis (sage), hibiscus (hibiscus), petroselinum crispum (parsley), mentha piperita (peppermint).

This blend is made with turmeric and ginger that's been naturally hand dried, a process which takes over several hours!

Did you know!? This tea blend can also be brewed with ice to create an iced tea!

Sugar and/or honey can also be added for taste as well, if preferred.

Comes in a reusable and resealable bag!♻️

4 size options available (see photos for reference): 5 grams / 6 pre-packaged box / 15 grams / 55 grams

*This tea is not intended to be used as medication for serious illness, please see terms of service page for more info*
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