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Healing Kit Bundle🌿✨

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Bundle up and save! This bundle is a beautifully wrapped healing kit in an of itself, which makes the perfect gift for yourself or for a friend. In this bundle, you'll get:

⭐️ One 4" cleansing wand of your choice

⭐️ One mini insence stick of your choice

⭐️ One mini selenite stick

⭐️ You also have the choice of adding a mini sized tea blend of your choice (5g) 


✨Visual Excercise✨ Imagine..preparing a cup of the "ultimate relaxation" tea blend. The aromas coming from the cup are exquisite. You take your cup into your room, and light a beautifully hand wrapped Blue Sage cleansing wand, ridding the space you're in from any energies that are no longer serving you. You then place the cleansing wand down on a heat-safe dish and light the mini incense stick. You take a few deep breaths while holding the mini selenite stick in your hand, near your heart or on a chakra point of your choice. The room gets filled with the amazingly sweet and woodsy scent of Rose and Palo Santo with a hint of Blue Sage from the prior cleansing. You take sips of your tea. It tastes amazing. You feel relaxed. You feel empowered. Your mind is clear. You are calm. The plants are healing you. ✨How peaceful


Selections of cleansing wands include:

🌿 White Sage

🌿 Blue Sage

🌿 Desert Sage

🌿 Mugwort

🌿 Rue

🌿 Black Lavender

🌿 Yerba Santa with Mullein flowers

🌿 Blue sage with Rosemary

🌿 White Sage with Rosemary and Lavender

🌿 Lavender with Blue Sage and Yerba Santa

🌿 Eucalyptus


Selection of mini insence stick include:

🌿  Rose & Palo Santo

🌿 Sandalwood & Palo Santo

Selection of tea blends include:

🌿 Happy Tummy tea blend

🌿 Self Love tea blend

🌿 Ultimate Relaxation tea blend

🌿 Cold Symptoms Be Gone tea blend

🌿 Witches Brew

🌿 Sleepytime tea blend


⭐️To pick your selection:⭐️

Please write your prefered selections in the notes section of your order. If there are no notes letting me know which one you prefer, be advised that I will intuitively pick whichever ones I feel are best based off of the name on the order!🧚‍♀️🤍

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