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Blue Calcite💎

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Blue Calcite is known as being a fortune-telling stone as it can reveal ones destiny rather quickly.🔮

Benefits of Blue Calcite:

- Offers very strong transmutational energies

- Helps you develop psychic gifts

- Aids in spiritual healing and physical healing of joints and bones

- Can help you recall your dreams if kept under your pillow

- Aids the immune system 

- Helps in reducing stress

- Helps express messages from your guides more clearly

- Aids in clear and honest communication

- Releases mental and emotional blockages

- Encourages self-expression creatively

- Dissipates negative energies


Blue Calcite and its associations:

Zodiac: Cancer and Pisces

Chakra: Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra

Planet: Venus, and the Moon

Color: Blue

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