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Assorted Box💕 🤧🌙😁☁️🧙🏽

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Assorted Tea Box💕 🤧🌙😁☁️🧙🏽

This box contains a total of 6 pre-packaged tea bags, one for each blend that we currently have. They are the following:

- The self-love tea blend💕

- Cold Symptoms Be Gone Tea Blend🤧

- The sleepytime tea blend🌙

- The Happy Tummy Tea Blend😁

The Ultimate Relaxation Tea Blend☁️

- Witches Brew Tea Blend🧙🏽

This is the perfect box to taste test all of the blends that we have to find your favourite one! Each tea bag is labeled with the name of each blend so you can easily identify your favorites.

Before purchase, please verify each products page for their specific ingredients.